Order PrestoMusic Fonts

The Font package retails for $59.99. Click the link below to pay with credit card or PayPal.

What's included:

You will receive all four fonts: PrestoSymbolsPC, PrestoSymbolsMAC, PrestoFiguresPC, PrestoFiguresMAC. All fonts are true-type, or .ttf.
You will receive all the keys for the above fonts. The keys show you which keys on the keyboard correspond to different symbols and figures within the fonts. The keys are in PDF format.
Readme file
The readme file has all the other information you need to use the fonts. It covers installation, reading documents cross-platform, and the licensing agreement. You can also view the readme file here.

How it works:

Within one business day of receiving your payment, PrestoMusic will send you a login name and password to download your fonts. You will be directed to a download page. Simply click the PrestoMusic icon, and download your font package. Your password will be valid for one week.