About Presto Music Fonts

Welcome to Presto Music Fonts. These fonts were created for anyone who writes professionally about music.

Writing about music requires special musical symbols. Fonts packaged with word processing programs do not include many of these symbols, such as notes, rests, scale degrees, figures, meters, accidentals, etc.

The Presto Symbols font contains time signatures, scale degrees, accidentals, jazz symbols, notes, and rests. Please click here to see the characters available in the Presto Symbols font.

The Presto Figures font conatains figures, assorted dashes, and various arrangements of accidentals to use with the figures. Please click here to see the characters in the Presto Figures font.

Each Presto Music Font character was based on examples from musical scores. They do not alter the line spacing, and integrate with standard serif fonts, such as Times New Roman.

If you write about music, then you are in the right place. Presto Music Fonts will make your text and musical examples look professional, all while saving you valuble time and energy.


"Thanks for your product! I can now create professional looking Powerpoint presentations for my Theory V: Analysis Capstone!"